6. LED notification settings

Create an LED notification

Let’s create a Hackey LED notification.

In this example we’ll create a Recipe so the Hackey LED will flash when you receive a Facebook notification.

# Create a new LED notification setting in the Hackey Web application

Create a new LED notification setting in the Hackey web application.

Click the create new action button.

For this example we’ll create a “10 second green flash” setting. Choose green from the color list and enter “10” in the notification duration box as in the below image.

Edit LED notification

Image (Edit LED notification)

Click register. The below image will be displayed.

LED notification

Image (LED notification)

Image (LED notification)

Image (LED notification)

Copy the displayed URL.


# Connect IFTTT with your Facebook account

Access IFTTT My Channel (if you do not have an IFTTT account yet, please register)

Search for Facebook and apply it to the “this” part.

Facebook Channel選択

Image (Select Facebook Channel)

If you select Facebook Channel, the account connection message window will be shown. Please follow the instructions in this window.

Facebook Channel選択


Image (connect with Facebook)

Image (IFTTT conect)

Image (IFTTT connect)

IFTTT conect

image (IFTTT connect)

Image (IFTTT conect)

Image (IFTTT conect)



Image (completion of Facebook connection)

The next step is to select a trigger action. Select “New status message by you”.

New status message by you

This Trigger fires every time you create a new plain text status message on Facebook.


Image (Facbook trigger action)

After selecting “New status message by you”, the message below will be displayed.


Image (After Facebook setting)


Image (Completion of Facebook setting)

Next you will need to select the correct action.

# Apply Hackey action (LED notification)

Search and select IFTTT Maker Channel.

Maker Channel LED通知先

Image(Search Maker Channel)

Choose the “Make a web request” action.

Maker Channel LED通知先の指定

Image (Choose Maker Channel LED notification)

The information needed for this action setting is as follows.

  • URL
    • LED notification URL that you set in the first step of this page. If you did not copy or write it down, please copy it again.
  • Method
    • Set http request (GET) for IFTTT.
  • Connect Type
    • No setting is OK.
  • Body
    • No setting is OK.


Image (LED notification URL setting)

Once the Recipe setup is complete, the below message will be displayed.


Image (Notification of Facebook message)


Image (Completion of LED notification recipe)

Setup is now complete and your Hackey LED should flash green whenever you post a status update on Facebook.

If your action is not working currently please check if the IFTTT MakerChannel URL is correct. If you disconnect IFTTT and Facebook, the setting will not work.

That completes the Hackey intial setup guide, we hope you enjoy using Hackey!