5. Create a Webhook Action

Create a Webhook Action

Let’s create a Webhook Action with Hackey.

There are a lot of services that have Webhook support. For this guide we will use IFTTT MakerChannel with Hackey as an example.

# Create a Recipe on IFTTT

Let’s create the following recipe “If Hackey’s key switch is turned on, then display a notification message in iOS”.

IFTTT MakerChannel is the personal URL used to receive notifications from outside services.

Sign in to IFTTT and create a MakerChannel.



Apply MakerChannel to the “this” part of the recipe.


Event Name : Enter an “event name” in the box. If the “event name” is a duplicate it will not work correctly.


Apply a service to the “that” part of the recipe. Select iOS notification this time as an example.


Type the keyword “iOS” in the Search field and select IF Notifications.

iOS Channelの設定

iOS 通知選択

MakerChannelからiOS 通知設定

Customize the iOS notification message.


Click the “Create Recipe” button and save the Recipe.

# Connect Hackey Web application and IFTTT MakerChannel

Follow the IFTTT website for instructions on how to create an “IFTTT receiving trigger URL”.

Paste the “Event Name” you assigned above and copy the key.


IFTTT MakerChannel ビュー

IFTTT MakerChannel

IFTTT MakerChannel

Log in to your My Hackey account and create a Webhook Action.

Add Webhook

Image (Add Webhook)


Paste the URL (IFTTT receiving trigger URL) into the blank URL field. 

“Timing” indicates when the Webhook trigger is sent (the Hackey key switch is in the ON or OFF position*).

*If you’d like the same action for both on and off timing, please create 2 Webhook actions using the same URL. Setting the timing for one as ON and the other as OFF. 

# Download IF iOS application

Please download the IF application (for free) from the App Store on your iPhone/iPad.

After installing, go onto the Dashboard. Press the test icon button to try your action. 

Webhook Test

Image (Enlarged view of test button)

Crear Test

Image (Test ok)

Error Test

Image (Test error)

If the test does not work, please check online manual FAQ.

If the test works correctly please continue to the next section.

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